Check Cashing Policy

Before you accept a check, verify that the check is none of the following:

  • Out of county (Brown County for GBE/GBW, Outagamie, Brown, Winnebago or Calumet for APE)
  • Over $100
  • Post-dated (written with a future date)
  • Starter check (a check without preprinted information OR check number less than 100)

Once you have verified that the check is none of the above, the customer will need to provide a driver’s license and it must match the name on the check! Please verify the information on the check with the driver’s license. You must write the following on the front of the check, if they are not already printed:

  • Phone Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Date of Birth
  • You must also initial the check with your initials so we know who took the check

Next, you will need to verify some other information on the financial portion of the check.

As labeled in the example check above, the Pay to the Order of field must be made out to “Gnome Games.” The number written in the box next to it must match the words written out on the line below it. The signature on the check must match the name on the check. Any changes made to any field on the check (if the customer made a mistake in the amount, for example) MUST be made by the check writer and initialed by that person.

At this point, you will need to check the customer information in POS, or add a new customer if necessary. We will need their name, as well as their address DL, DOB, and phone number in the Contact Info section. If this is an existing customer, verify that the information in the system is correct; you must also verify that their customer lookup is not flagged “NO CHECKS” in the Customer Notes field (highlighted in yellow below).

When you have verified everything on the check and in the system, you are ready to accept the check as payment. In the transaction in POS, click on the Check button. In the box that pops up, the system defaults to Accept Check, so you do not have to change that. The total amount due auto-fills the Amount box; you will only need to change this if you are doing a split transaction (for example, if the customer is paying some in cash and writing out a check for the rest). The last thing you will need to do is enter the Check Number, which is found on the upper-right corner of the check. When all of this is completed, you can click the Save button for the Check box, and complete the transaction in POS.

Put the check in the till in the rightmost currency section.

Thank the customer, give the a receipt and offer to bag their purchase.