Phone Troubleshooting Operations

Answering and responding to telephone messages is a critical part of our daily customer communication operations.

Sometimes the system loses connectivity when there is an interruption in power or data to one of the Ooma Units.

To reset the Ooma system follow the following procedures in order. The phone is an ISP phone so if you don’t have internet your store can not have phone. Open a browser and make sure your computer is on the internet. If it is – continue with troubleshooting. If not the problem is an internet issue and the phones will come back up once the internet is restored.


  1. Make sure that the phone unit is charged. Remember that the handset needs to have power in order to make or receive calls. Look at the handset and make sure that there are battery bars on the display. This problem is easily prevented by putting the phone in the charging cradle on the base unit at the end of the day – every day
  2. Make sure that the phone base has power. To easily check this put the handset into the cradle and look for the red charging light in the upper left-hand corner of the hand unit. When there is power to the phone base unit there will be small red light indicating the phone is charging.
  3. Make sure the Remote Ooma Unit has a blue light. The remote unit is what receives the call data from the Ooma Router. It is plugged in to the power near the phone base unit. There should be a data cord from this unit to the phone base. If the Ooma unit is displaying an orange or orange and blue split light it needs to be reset. Unplug it from the power source for 2 minutes. Plug it back in. It should flash orange and then blue after about a minute. If the Ooma remote unit doesn’t display any light – check your power source. If this doesn’t work please proceed to step #4.
  4. Make sure the Ooma Router has a blue light when it is working properly. Occasionally if there has been an interruption in internet connectivity this may need to be reset. This should not happen very often, and resetting the Oooma router should be done only after doing the previous steps. This should be the last basic troubleshooting step – not the first.

    1. Locate the Ooma Router – it is the larger black box as shown below. When it is running properly there should be a blue light as indicated. If the orange light is blinking – it means the pairing with the Remote unit isn’t set up properly. Please repeat step #3. Wait 5 minutes after resetting the remote unit to see if this works. If not proceed with the troubleshooting.
    2. If the light is a solid orange it means that the router to internet connection isn’t set up properly. Then we have to remove the Ooma router from the network. This must be done as follows.
      First unplug the CAT 5 cable from the back of the router.
    3. Second unplug the power from the router.
    4. Wait 5 minutes.
    5. Plug the CAT 5 cable back into the router. Make sure you plug it into the INTERNET slot.
    6. Plug the power back in to the router into the and observe the lights by the CAT 5 plug. They will flash as the router establishes connection and there will be a steady green light when there is an active connection. The front of the router will also have a flashing orange or solid blue light. If it is blue – everything should be good to go.
    7. If it is flashing orange you may have to re-pair the remote unit. Repeat Step 3. This should fix the router – remote unit connectivity issue.

IF and ONLY IF this doesn’t work, please contact Pat and he will determine what the next steps to take are.