Gnome Games Social Media Policy

Gnome Games Social Media Policy

These guidelines are important for all Gnome Games staff —because if you don’t follow them a few things could happen: your posts can get deleted, we could lose customers and publisher support, we could get in trouble, or, worst of all, you could even lose your job … So do the right thing, stick to the guidelines.”

Keep in mind… 

There’s really no such thing as “delete” on the Internet, so please—think before you post. 

Some subjects can invite a flame war. Be careful discussing things where emotions run high (e.g. politics and religion) and show respect for others’ opinions. 

It’s a small world and we’re a highly visible industry leading company. Remember that what you say can be seen by customers, suppliers and competitors all over the world and something you say or share locally might be inaccurate or offensive in another. 

Respect other people’s stuff. Just because something’s online doesn’t mean it’s OK to copy it. If you have a question about what images and other resources we can use ask first!

Your job comes first. Unless your position requires you to work on Social Media, don’t let social media affect your job performance. If your job requires you to monitor store or company social media or post on behalf of the company, make sure you understand your responsibilities and the company expectations for your role

How to be the best … 

Play nice. Be respectful and considerate, no trolling, troll baiting, or flaming anybody, even our competitors. Everyone has equal opportunity to mess up.  We don’t want to be recognized for that.           

Be smart. Do a little research before you share your knowledge or repost something.  No reason to share errors or bad information, and always remember to give credit where credit is due.

Be yourself. Be the first to out that you are a Gnome Games. employee—and make it clear that you are not a company spokesperson, unless you specifically are assigned that role.

If you #!%#@# up? Own it. Correct it immediately and be clear about what you’ve done to fix it. Contact your management team if it’s a real doozy. We all make mistakes, and Gnomes own them, take clear, open and honest proactive corrective actions, learn from mistakes, improve and move on.

Add value. Make sure your posts really add to the conversation. If it promotes Gnome Games goals and values, supports our customers or publisher partners, fosters wholesome community development or relations, improves or helps us sell products, or helps us do our jobs better, then you are adding value. 

Have fun. Gnomes are known for having fun and bringing happiness to the tables, families and communities we play in and with, so be a Gnome!

Don’t even think about it…

Talking about financial information, sales trends, strategies, forecasts, legal issues, future promotional activities, or publisher relationships.

Giving out personal information about customers or employees. 

Posting any confidential. NDA or non-public information. 

Don’t Feed the Trolls! Responding to an offensive or negative post by a customer. There’s no winner in that game.