Daily Receiving December 16 2020

Daily Receiving for December 16, 2020

We have a lot of new puzzles and a few other games that came in yesterday and today.  Quite a few new Ravensburger Puzzles, the Villainous Marvel Game, Hocus Pocus, Alien and a good restock of Pokémon Vivid Voltage.  There’s still a limit of 1 Display of Boosters per customer.

Ravensburger Puzzles & Games
RAV 137046100 Piece PuzzleDisney XXL Belle and Beast
RAV 1940871000 Piece PuzzleStreets of France
RAV 192981000 Piece PuzzleKitchen Cupboard
RAV 1940631000 Piece PuzzleVintage Games
RAV 194321000 Piece PuzzleThe Artist’s Desk
RAV 1569621000 Piece PuzzleDragon
RAV 1941241000 Piece PuzzleThe Craft Cupboard
RAV 195241000 Piece PuzzleDoors of the World
RAV 148491000 Piece PuzzleDisney Princess Collector’s Edition Snow White
RAV 150251000 Piece PuzzleDisney Villainous – Maleficent
RAV 1982761000 Piece PuzzleCollectors Cupboard
RAV 1967841000 Piece PuzzleDisney Collector’s Edition Cinderella
RAV 139951000 Piece Puzzle1964: A Photographer’s View (The Beatles)
RAV 1397431000 Piece PuzzleDisney Collector’s Edition Sleeping Beauty
RAV 1651171000 Piece PuzzleChristmas is Coming
RAV 165051000 Piece PuzzleVacation Mickey & Minnie
RAV 1399341000 Piece PuzzleDisney Pixar Splatter Art
RAV 1963331000 Piece PuzzlePolitical World Map with flags
RAV 1397741000 Piece PuzzleChristmas Packing the Sleigh
RAV 198431000 Piece PuzzleWorld Landmarks By Night
RAV 1636561500 Piece PuzzleOne Dot at a Time
RAV 134601500 Piece PuzzleVenetian Dreams
RAV 12633200 Piece PuzzlePanoramic Disney Wreck it Ralph
RAV 5562324 Piece Floor PuzzleDisney Toy Story 4 Giant Floor Puzzle
RAV 0558624 Piece Floor PuzzleAnimals of Bells Farm
RAV 546824 Piece Floor PuzzleDisney Little Mermaid Hugging Arielle Giant Floor Puzzle
RAV 538724 Piece Floor PuzzleThomas and Friends Circus Fun Giant Floor Puzzle
RAV 5372824 Piece Floor PuzzleThomas and Friends Shaped Floor Puzzle
RAV 5454124 Piece Floor PuzzleCars III Shaped Floor Puzzle
RAV 5538824 Piece Floor PuzzleThomas’ World Shaped Floor Puzzle
RAV 5453424 Piece Floor PuzzleDisney Pretty Princesses Giant Floor Puzzle
RAV 5010924 Piece PuzzleDisney Frozen II Frosty Adventures Combo 2 puzzles in one box.
RAV 844463D Puzzle BallChristmas Ornaments (56 pieces)
RAV 8024349 Piece PuzzleDisney Tangled 3 Puzzles in a box 49 pieces each
RAV 5011649 Piece PuzzleDisney Frozen 3 Puzzles in a box 49 pieces each
RAV 9350249 Piece PuzzleDisney Little Mermaid 3 Puzzles in a box 49 pieces each
RAV 6905760 Piece PuzzleGlow in the Dark Thomas and Friends
RAV 159642654 PuzzleKrypt Silver
RAV 15260736 Piece PuzzleThe Krypt – Black
RAV 60001055Busytown, Busy, Busy AirportRichard Scarry’s Busytown
RAV 220571ColoramaShape up your color skills
RAV 60001088Disney Princess Cupcake GameEnchanted Cupcake Game
RAV 60001875Hocus Pocus The GameCooperative 2 to 6 players.
RAV LBOCELabyrinthOcean Labyrinth
RAV 60001871Marvel VillainousMarvel Villainous
RAV 60001744Matching GameSesame Street Muppets Matching
RAV 60001501Matching GameEric Carle Hungry Caterpillar Matching
RAV 203604MemoryWild World of Animals
RAV 164646Puzzle 2000 PieceWisdom Whale
RAV 164448Puzzle 750 PiecePuzzler’s Place Large Piece Format
RAV 199402Puzzle 750 PieceRomantic Sunset Large Piece Format
RAV 93795Puzzle GlueWith Applicator GLUE  AND GO
RAV 17930Puzzle Sort & Go!6 Stacking Puzzle Sorting Trays
RAV 17960Puzzle Stow & Go!Roll Up Puzzle Mat
RAV 7020220Scotland YardNew Edition
RAV 22289Scotland YardScotland Yard Junior Edition
RAV 26839STRIKE Dice GameHarry Potter Strike Dice
RAV 60001500Surprise Slides GameEric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar Game
RAV 60001739VillainousDisney Villains Game
RAV 60001866VillainousPerfectly Wretched Expansion
Games, Miniatures and Supplies
AMG CP26ENMarvel Crisis ProtocolAnt-Man and Wasp Character Pack
AMG CP30ENMarvel Crisis ProtocolBullseye and Daredevil Character Pack
AMG CP40ENMarvel Crisis ProtocolWolverine and Sabretooth Character Pack
AMG CP41ENMarvel Crisis ProtocolCyclops and Storm Character Pack
ASM 700100Mr. Jack 
ASM 700110Mr. JackGame Extension – 5 new characters
ASM CN3006Catan Starfarers2nd Ed. 5-6 Plater Expansion
ASM CN3077CatanCities and Knights – 5th Edition
ASM CN3222Catan25th Anniversary Edition
ASM CP32enMarvel Crisis ProtocolPunisher & Taskmaster Character Pack
ASM CYA01Choose your own AdventureHouse of Danger
ASM CYA02Choose your own AdventureWar with the Evil Power Master
ASM DIF01Dice Forge 
ASM HL776Bandida 
ASM INI003InisSeasons of Inis Expansion
ASM INI01Inis 
ASM JAIP01Jaipur 
ASM LIBOB01ENObscurio 
ASM LK0124PatchworkChristmas Edition
ASM LK3505Patchwork 
ASM MKD001MunchkinMunchkin Dungeon
ASM MKD004Munchkin DungeonBoard Silly
ASM MYST01Mysterium 
ASM PH1100Mice & MysticsSorrow and Remembrance (Base Game)
ASM SEV077 Wonders DuelDuel
ASM SP414Spot It!Jr. Animals
ASM SP434Spot It!Frozen (Box)
ASM SPL01Splendor 
ASM SPL02SplendorCities of Splendor 4 Expansions in one: Cities, Orient, Strongholds, Trading Posts
ASM UNL02Unlock!Mystery Adventures
ASM UNL04Unlock!Exotic Adventures
ASM UNL05Unlock!Heroic Adventures
ASM UNL06Unlock!Timeless Adventure
ASM ZM7810CarcassonneBase Game
ASM ZM7856CarcassonneBig Box 2017
ATM 10002DragonshieldsClassic Black
ATM 10003DragonshieldsBlue
ATM 10006DragonshieldsGold
ATM 10642DragonshieldsSmall: Night Blue Classic (60)
ATM 11007DragonshieldsMatte Red
ATM 11009DragonshieldsStandard – Matte Purple (100)
ATM 11017DragonshieldsStandard – Matte Ivory (100)
ATM 11021DragonshieldsStandard – Matte Crimson(100)
ATM 11024DragonshieldsMatte Jet
ATM 11027DragonshieldsMatte Slate
ATM 11042DragonshieldsNight Blue Matte
AVH 21888Guillotine 
AVH C0141Betrayal at the House on HillWidow’s Walk Expansion
AVH C5010Axis & Allies& Zombies
BCW ZF12LXBLKBinder – 12 PocketZ-Folio LX Double Page Zip Folio – Black
BCW ZF12LXBLUBinder – 12 PocketZip Folio 12pkt: LX Blue
BCW ZF12LXREDBinder – 12 PocketZ-Folio LX Zip Folio Red Leatherette
BGM 0001Boss Monster 
BGM 016Boss MonsterImplements of Destruction Expansion
CGE 00036CodenamesPictures
CHX 972462 sided mega mat (1″) 
CZE 01996SpyfallDC Universe Batman, Joker
DOW 7201Ticket to RideBase Game
DOW 7216Ticket to RideUSA 1910 Expansion
DPW BCGWTWelcome To…Your Perfect Home
FFG AHB01Arkham Horror 3rd EditionCore Set
FFG AHC02Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Dunwich Legacy Expansion
FFG AHC03Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Miskatonic Museum Mythos Pack
FFG AHC06Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – Undimensioned and Unseen Mythos Pack
FFG AHC19Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Forgotten Ave Expansion
FFG AHC20Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – Threads of Fate Mythos Pack
FFG AHC21Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Boundary Beyond Mythos Pack
FFG AHC21Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Boundary Beyond Mythos Pack
FFG AHC22Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – Heart of the Elders Mythos Pack
FFG AHC23Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – City of Archives Mythos Pack
FFG AHC24Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Depths of Yoth Mythos Pack
FFG AHC37Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – The Dream-Eaters
FFG AHC38Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – Murder at Excelsior Hotel Scenario Pack
FFG AHC39Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – Search for Kadath Mythos Pack
FFG AHC40Arkham Horror:The Card GameThe Card Game – A Thousand Shapes of Horror Mythos Pack
FFG L5C30Legend of the Five Rings RPGSpreading Shadows Dynasty Pack
FFG L5C31Legend of the Five Rings RPGIn Pursuit of Truth Dynasty Pack
FFG MC01Marvel ChampionsCore Set
FFG MC04Marvel ChampionsCaptain America Hero Pack
FFG MC07Marvel ChampionsBlack Widow Hero Pack
FFG SW06Star Wars Outer Rim 
FFG SWL44Star Wars LegionClone Wars Core Set
FFG WR02CitadelsNew Edition
FFG ZX05FalloutAtomic Bonds Cooperative Upgrade Pack
FFG ZX06Fallout ShelterThe Board Game
FGI 0410Quarto! ClassicWooden Game
GF9 ALIENS01ALIENSAnother Glorious Day in the Corp Co-op BASE GAME
GF9 ALIENS02ALIENSUltimate Badasses Co-Op Expansion
GF9 ALIENS03ALIENSGet Away from her, you B***H! Co-op Expansion
GF9 ALIENS04ALIENSAssets and Hazards Add-On Miniatures
GHG SA5001Dice BagSilver Tribal Dragon
GKO DCASE-XLDice Tray XLHexagon Black Lined W/zipper closure
GLY TEQ01Tiny EpicQuest
LIC 4203Dice 7-Set Mini PolyhedralBlack and White 10mm
LIC 43107 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetMini 10mm Glow in Dark White w/Black Numbers
LIC 6817 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetFlash: Red
LIC 6947 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetPearl Sea Foam
LKY PARR01Paranormal DetectivesCompetitive Deduction Party Game
LOO 036FluxxMonty Python
LOO 070FluxxFirefly
MET 41747 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Supervolcano
MET 41757 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Galaxy
MET 41777 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Gray w/ Silver Numbers
MET 41797 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Purple (7)
MET 41807 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Turquoise
MET 41817 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set10mm Mini Stardust Acrylic Poly Dice Set Blue w/ Silver Numbers (7)
NSG 860Quacks of Quedlinburg2018 Kennerspiele des Jahres
PUI 80568-DPokemonSun & Moon Unified Minds Booster
PUI 81749PokemonSWSH 04 Vivid Voltage Booster
RHP 653D&D Bestiary Notebook Set8 Mini Notebooks
SFG 004Red Dragon InnBase Game
TTD D10017 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set7-set Rainbow Unicory RBWgd
TTT D10037 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetPoetic Doom – Indigo Violet wirl Translucent
TTT D10137 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetTotally Not Evil: Black Gold
TTT D20027 Piece Polyhedral Dice SetDivine Light – White – Pearl Opaque
TTTD10097-set Space Unicorn PastelRBWsv
WTC 2538CM1D&D Dungeon Mayhem 
WTC C7270000Dungeons and Dragons 5EExplorers Guide to Wildemount
WZK 72400Pathfinder BattlesIconic Heroes Set 7
ZMG 71170Pandemic LegacySeason 1 – Blue

New Games

Aliens by Galeforce Nine $60

Aliens BoardgameAliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps

Listen up, Marines! Here’s the situation.
The terraforming colony on exomoon LV-426, Hadley’s Hope, has unexpectedly broken contact. Weyland-Yutani Corporation, in conjunction with the Colonial Marines, is sending you to the binary system of Zeta Reticuli to find out what happened…

Lead a fireteam of Marines through the colonists base at Hadley’s Hope, searching for survivors and tackling the Xenomorph threat, whilst trying to figure out how to evacuate from LV-426.

Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps Contains:

  • 7x Hard Plastic Characters
  • 45x Motion Tracker Cards
  • 1x Rulebook
  • 8x Dials
  • 16x Multi-pose Hard Plastic Aliens
  • 60x Endurance Cards
  • 1x Card Dock
  • 84x Tokens
  • 4x Double-Sided Game Boards
  • 7x Character Cards
  • 9x Mission Cards
  • 3x Dice