No Contact Procedures

We will be resuming limited retail operations on Monday March 30 at all stores with CONTACTLESS DELIVERY OPTIONS ONLY!

All Locations 11 AM – 3 PM Mon – Sat
No Operations on Sundays

CONTACTLESS – Means staff is not in the same physical space as the customer at the time of delivery. We don’t put bags in cars, hand bags through windows or handle cash or credit cards. We verify the delivery is ready for pickup. Place products where we can observe the pickup from inside a store or vehicle and observe and note the pickup, recording time and details in all layaways as appropriate.


Staff will be segregated by work location and will comply with all social distancing and sanitation operations at all times.

Work teams will be developed based on store location. No more than 2 operational staff will be present in any store without Pat’s personal approval.

All staff are required to inform management immediately upon the following:

  • Any exposure or informed potential exposure to any positive COVID19.
  • ANY symptoms related to COVID19
  • Any change in household member heath or risk assessment
  • Any concern or change in concern for personal or family, roommate safety based on potential work exposure.

Work Teams:

These don’t mean everyone is scheduled to work, just that Gnomes will be working in the same space. We want to mitigate cross exposure potential by not allowing staff to work with other staff.

Some staff may have solo shifts in different locations. Staff that are not listed will not be assigned work shifts at this time.

GBW – Jocelyn, MacKenzie, Robin
GBE – Nate, Paula, Mike
APE – Adam, Sam, Christine
WHS – Jen, Emery, Pat

Customers can order via-

Phone – Customers can call in to place an order. We will only man the phones during published business hours

Facebook Messenger or Facebook Page – Customers can contact us through our Facebook pages. We will only actively answer and take orders during published business hours at this time.

Google Business Pages – Customers can contact us through the Google Business pages. We will only actively answer and take orders during published business hours at this time.

Gnome Games Website – Customers can order from our website and have several options for delivery. This is available 24/7. We will ship daily and set up deliveries based on when the orders come in and method of delivery.


In all cases payment must be made via credit card prior to the order being released for Contactless Delivery

Customers may pay with credit card over the phone, via PayPal Invoice we send through Messenger or Email.

All website orders will be paid through the website checkout system

Contactless Store Pickup

Customers can request contactless pickup at any location during our published hours.

Procedures are as follows:
Take the order and create the layaway.

Secure payment and record as DEPOSIT in layaway per procedures provided to staff at the stores.

Coordinate schedule with customer. As this is private communication there is no need to verify the pickup at the store, other than that the right product is provided to the customer. Please make sure you inform the customer of our no contact procedures as this is stricter than most curbside programs in place – stress CONTACTLESS

When the customer arrives at the store the customer should call, message or otherwise let you know they are there for the product and remain in the vehicle.

Staff unlocks the door, places the product on the CONTACTLESS pickup table and returns to the store. Customer then picks up the product.

Staff then notes the time and vehicle, puts that information into the layaway and saves it. Then sell out the layaway immediately.

Contactless Home Delivery – Green Bay & Appleton

Delivery cutoff times for both Green Bay and Appleton same day deliveries is 3 PM Daily. We will deliver between 3:30 and 7 PM daily except for Sunday.

Pat will personally train any staff that provides home delivery.

Mail Order

Mail orders will be shipped daily. These will require special coordination because of the distance, package size and other variables. Staff working store operations during this time will be kept up to date with the latest procedures.